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BRAND NEW 1/350 TARANTUL III Corvette by Orange hobby

NEW 1/350 TARANTUL III Corvette by Orange hobby

Excellent resin kit from Orange Hobby. (BLUE Series)
1/350 Tarantul III Corvette (874)

About the vessel:

Tarantul-class corvette
The Project 1241 are a class of Soviet missile corvettes.
The Tarantul-III had a new type of propulsion—a CODAG (COmbined Diesel And Gas) system. Two M-70 gas turbines (rated at 12000 hp each) and two M510 (rated at 4000 hp each) diesel engines were used, being a big improvement over the earlier COGOG system both in terms of serviceability (the two cruise diesels being almost something of a Soviet 'classic') Fitted with the much more capable SS-N-22 SSM... more @

Photo: Excellent PE-parts

If You are interested to buy this kit please look @  Hobby Easy and directly from Aliexpress

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